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Wine Tasting

With 48 wineries offering FREE wine tasting, you’re bound to discover many new favourites.

Tear-off maps are available from all our wineries and tourism associations and contain useful information, such as who’s making what type of wines, trading hours etc. If you are new at tasting wine, don’t be shy – the friendly staff are there to help and guide you.

Some wineries offer informative cellar tours (by appointment), and a number of wineries have additional activities, such as boat cruises, tractor trips etc. Contact the Robertson Wine Valley   office for more information.


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Directions to Montagu

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Site News

Water Saving Measuers at Minmosa Lodge

February 16, 2018

Taking a two-minute shower, flushing only when necessary, and reusing towels and linen may be an inconvenience, especially when travelling, but the alternative of no water at all is something that the Western Cape community is working very hard at to avoid. While Montagu has not been as hard-hit by the drought as the city of Cape Town, the Route 62 town also has water restrictions and residents and travellers alike have been called upon to make all necessary efforts in order to preserve this precious commodity.

“We have implemented a number of water-saving measures at Mimosa Lodge to ensure that our guests still enjoy their holiday while being water-wise at the same time,” says Fida Hess, proprietor of Mimosa Lodge in Montagu.


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