26th Mar 2019
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Hiking Robertson Wine Valley is a must for hikers with plenty of trails to choose from. Arangieskop (Robertson 20.9km), Bloupunt (Montagu 15.6km), Cogmans (Montagu 12.1km), Dassieshoek […]
8th Dec 2015

4×4 Routes

4×4 Routes Mountains, rivers and valleys: sceneries simply inviting 4X4 enthusiasts! Popular trails include Groot Toren  (previously listed in the top 10 in SA), Hessequas  , […]
8th Dec 2015

Bird Park

Bird Park Bird’s Paradise in Robertson is ideal for families.  With over 260 exotic birds, monkeys, lamas, crocodiles and ponies, kids will be well entertained while […]
8th Dec 2015

Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting With 48 wineries offering FREE wine tasting, you’re bound to discover many new favourites. Tear-off maps are available from all our wineries and tourism […]
8th Dec 2015

Olive Tours and Tasting

Olive Tours and Tasting The Robertson area is ideal for olive growing and many farmers have planted olive trees in the last decade. The quality is […]
8th Dec 2015

Historic Tours and Museums

Historic Tours and Museums There are various historic tours, walks and museums in every town.  Try the Robertson Walkabout or the Montagu Historical Walk, visit the […]
8th Dec 2015

Cheese Shops

Cheese Shops Langewater, La Montanara, Parmalat and Stillerus are just some of the cheese making establishments we have in the area.  Try La Montanara for a […]
8th Dec 2015

Maze and Cactus Gardens

Maze and Cactus Gardens The Sheilam Cacti and Succulent Garden was established in 1954 and has been owned and operated by the Schwegmann family since 1967.Located […]
8th Dec 2015


Markets With so much fresh produce it is to be expected that there will be some markets. Products range from fresh fruit and veggies (including organic), […]