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As I am busy finalising my schedule for my annual trip to Switzerland, I think of all the wonderful events we’ve had in previous years.
And how far Mimosa Lodge & Mimosa Wines has come in the last 10 years.  The lodge is as busy as ever and Mimosa Wines is finally realising our dream to have a fully equipped wine tasting facility and day-restaurant for you, our special guests.


This year, in collaboration with Dieter Gugelmann of Wine & Kap and Restaurant Marktplatz (Appenzell), Restaurant Hotel Eichberg (Seengen), Club zur Geduld (Winterthur) and Restaurant Landhaus (Liebefeld), we will once again host our very special Wine & Dine events.
In creating the menu’s for these events, I have carefully selected dishes to compliment the Mimosa Wines range for your indulgence in Switzerland.  

We also have a special surprise for our regular guests…  

One of the very familiar faces of Mimosa Lodge will be joining our events in Switzerland!

Bernie Wiese will for the first time ever travel outside South African borders to Switzerland to join in our special Wine & Dine events and as you can imagine, he is extremely excited!

For further information on the Wine & Dine events, accommodation suggestions and arrangements, click on the links below:

Lust auf Bernhard Hess! Besuchen Sie die Wine & Dine im April


Restaurant Marktplatz, Appenzell
01 April 2016


Restaurant Eichberg, Seengen/AG
06 – 07 April




Club zur Geduld Winterthur
08 April 2016


Restaurant Landhaus Liebefeld/BE
13 – 15 April 2016


mehr Infos


Seats are limited and the dress code for the event at Club zur Geduld is indicated. So please book as soon as possible should you be interested to join Bernie, Dieter and me for any of these events.
We are very much looking forward to spending an enjoyable evening with you and your friends at one of our Wine & Dine events.
Best Regards
Bernhard Hess

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